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Each registered student also receives a link to the video archive of the class.

Psychic Protection II

Wards, Ceremonies, Angels and Saints

Wednesday, October 28th

8:00 PM until 9:00 PM EDT

via Zoom Webinar

Unwanted visitors and psychic vampires come in many shapes and forms.  They arrive in our homes riding the shirttails of the living, and they are visited upon us by the restless dead.

Even the people that we invite into our lives through social media and physical interaction can negatively impact us, whether intentional or not.

With society in flux, this topic is increasingly rising to the top of spiritual conversations.  More people are seeking help to bring calm and peacefulness to their lives and into their homes. 

We can take actions to set firm boundaries with the living and the dead when it comes to our psychic/soul/spiritual wellness.   Denise's clients and students alike are seeking more in-depth training in this subject matter. This training has been created for the serious metaphysician, as well as seers, empaths and psychic sensitive people.

All registered participants will receive a link to the live Zoom gathering, as well as the YouTube video recording of this training.  

Psychic Protection October 28th $20.00

Official Patreons Psychic Protection October 28th $15.00


Soul Minding 

Level I Certification

with Denise King Francisco

Soul Minding© is just that. It’s the art of minding souls. I believe that every living thing both seen and unseen has a soul; and an eternal connection to the Divine Heart and Cosmic Mind of Creation. It is my understanding as well that the vast essence of our soul intrinsically connects us to every living thing.

In the West, many of the elder teachings concerning the journey of the soul from birth to death and beyond have been lost.  This course of study brings those teachings back to life.

In my decades of teaching and facilitating souls through birth, life, near-death, death, and re-birth, I’ve come to understand that not everyone is to do this work on a large scale. Some are drawn to this pursuit to follow their journey more profoundly or to assist immediate family, friends and clients through the many stages of human life and death.

Segment I Curriculum

Soul Minding and Spiritual Midwifery

Instruments of the Trade

Creating the Soul Minding Altar/Healing Space

 Our Cosmic Origins

Pre-birth and Birth

Empaths, Seers and Sensitives

Class dates:  

February 2, 9, 16, 23

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT

Class fee of $195.00 includes:  Webinar classes with Denise. Video recordings of each class.  Free, ongoing Soul Minding virtual educational gatherings for global practitioners.

Praise for Soul Minding

"In Soul Minding training, Denise provides useful ways to integrate our spiritual aspects into our daily earthly lives. By learning how to cultivate a relationship with the spiritual world, we can then incorporate our soul and its essence into our lives with intention. Denise is a woman who owns her gifts with authenticity. In doing so, she allows others permission - and the freedom - to do the same. She teaches us to connect with our true selves, to live grounded in our own truth, and inspires us to then share our gifts with others. To belong to ourselves first, then impart it on the world."

Nicole Fix, LMSW, Eastern Door Counseling LLC

"Soul Minding is divinely inspired wisdom, over-lighted by illuminated ancestors with love and compassion, artfully presented by Denise King Francisco, a true master teacher of our time! This advanced practice reawakens a relationship reigniting a meaningful conversation navigating the eternal soul's safe passage through life's experiences and death. Soul Minding is a Call to Light Workers everywhere!"

Linda Fase-Grzeszak, Youth Educator – 40+ years, Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Coptic Minister

"Walking the Spiritual path is often very challenging. Learning the process of Soul Minding empowers one to walk the path with greater ease. Denise Francisco shares her vast knowledge of Soul Minding with compassion, love, and great integrity. This information is a must for all serious students of Metaphysics and Spirituality."

With Gratitude, Stephen

Segment 1 Soul Minding Training $195.00

Segment 1 Soul Minding Training 10% Discount for Official Patreons of The Temple Within LLC ($175.50)

Soul Contract Workshop With Amantha Murphy

Irish Seabhean, Teacher, Healer and Seer from Ireland 

16th and 17th October 2021 

9am – 1pm EDT via Zoom 

This workshop is part of Apprentice Level 2

Before we chose to return to this life, this consciousness, our souls created the scenarios we needed to experience all that was and will be necessary for our soul’s growth. Our family, our friends, our petty tyrants, our archetypes, our difficulties, and our achievements – we chose all of these to prepare us on this part of our soul’s journey. Part of that contract was to go to the deep place of ‘forgetting’ during the birth process. 

At this time in the story of humanity, more than any other, we have the opportunity to become Soul integrated personalities: To allow our souls to manifest fully within the presence of now. To reach this, we have created situations which will allow us to grow, to evolve into all that we are capable of. Integrating all of life’s lessons and absorbing all within our vibrational field, creates the nexus between our self as a Soul and the self of the personality. This workshop is designed to encourage you to be the best you can be:

 • To cut through the illusion of our ‘selves’ to allow our soul contracts to manifest and be the sounding note of our Life.

 • We will be journeying to the Akashic records, retrieving through movement, touch, feel and esoteric astrology, the blueprint - showing us the contracts we have chosen in this incarnation.

 • We will work towards taking full and conscious responsibility of our lives. 

• We will manifest our Souls fully into the presence of now, taking responsibility for our planet and our creativity. 

• We will re-member our stories, harnessing our tools and integrating our learning in readiness for the next age and stage of our consciousness. 

Benefits of attending this Soul Contract Workshop 

• Understand your relationships and why certain people are in your life 

• Give you a deep understanding of your life. 

• Provide a sense of direction and clarity in your life. 

• Shed some light on your life purpose & goals. 

• Provide insights as to why you are the way you are. What is required You will need to provide your full name, place of birth, date and time [if possible] of birth so that Amantha can prepare the Esoteric Astrological pointers of your Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Chiron in regard to your soul contracts. 

Investment: €175

Registration for this wonderful opportunity to learn with Amantha will be made directly with her at murphy.amantha@gmail.com

To receive a booking form for this learning opportunity, please email denise@denisefrancisco.com

Subtle Mediumship

with Denise King Francisco and Rev. Sandra Harrick

A Journey into the Unseen Realms

November 1, 15, 29 & December 13, 20

8:00 - 9:15 PM EDT

Join Denise King Francisco and Reverend Sandra Harrick

for an extraordinary exploration into the realms and spiritual practice of  Subtle Mediumship.

Particularly in Western culture, healers, seers, and practitioners of the divine arts, are often fearful and/or uncertain about their natural talents and gifts.  Many are looking for authentic teachers to guide them in the proper use of their spiritual talents and proclivities.

In this course, Denise and Sandra will lead participants on a journey toward discerning various subtle realms and how to safely interact and communicate with the intelligences within them.

  • What is mediumship?  How does it work?  Is everyone a medium?
  • Boundary setting, proper preparation for mediumship work.
  • The cosmic realms, subtle realms and ultra-terrestrial realms.
  • Knowing our physical body in order to understand our spiritual body and psychic antenna.
  • How our ancestors assist us in this work.
  • Ghosts, apparitions, hauntings, angels, specters.
  • Visitations and their various forms.
  • Modes of spirit/being communication.
  • Healthy practices for walking between the heavenly and earthly plane.
  • This and much more.

To register for this series, please phone Rev. Sandra Harrick at 1-603-399-7152.

First payment Due on October 20th $150.00

Second payment Due on December 1st $149.00