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Bringing the Mystic & the Magic 

Home to Us

with Denise King Francisco and Rev. Sandra Harrick

A Six Month Journey

Jan. 25, Feb. 22, Mar. 22, Apr. 26, May 24, June 14

8:00 - 9:15 PM EDT

Join Denise King Francisco and Reverend Sandra Harrick

for an extraordinary exploration into the lingering effects of the tragedy of martyrdom, self-sacrifice and self-denial of the Piscean Age.

Particularly in Western culture, healers, seers, shamans and practitioners of the divine arts, continue to bear the weight of fear, shame and uncertainty about their natural talents and gifts.

In this six month course, Denise and Sandra will lead participants on a journey toward discerning personal and ancestral wounds that were incurred during the Piscean Age, and how to heal them in an effort to move safely forward in:

  • Welcoming Back Our Inner Mystic
  • Allowing Our Magic, Gifts and Talents to Flow 
  • Learning about the Reactivation of Ancient Spirits.
  • Self-activating New Sacred Grounds.
  • Re-activating Ancient Ancestral Energies.

First payment Due on January 24th $150.00

Second payment Due on March 1st $149.00