The Temple Within LLC

The School of Sacred Studies

Spiritual Learning and Self Awareness

This is a sacred place to learn and further your spiritual development. We value integrity in the material that is presented. As a student, you are responsible for the energy that you bring to this space and must be proactive in your own spiritual development. Please do not make assumptions, but ask questions and seek guidance. Our spiritual development builds upon each healing and lesson that is experienced as we walk our spiritual path. Sometimes, we will come to a point in our learning or experience, where we may need help. There are many ways to support you in figuring out the discomfort of what you are experiencing in the fertile soil of your growth or in the unfamiliar.

Spiritual Growing Pains

We must trust, honor and own our feelings. If at first there is a dissonance or misunderstanding of a concept being presented, rather than throw the baby out with the bathwater, perhaps we need to step back, think about it and investigate the source of our discomfort. Ask yourself, “What is being presented to me? Is it an opportunity for self-investigation or self-healing? Is it an opportunity to grow beyond the confines of my comfort zone?” In a respectful manner, please seek the guidance of the facilitator, teacher, presenter or workshop leader, when you feel challenged.

Working and Learning in a Group Setting

When interacting in a group setting, please be mindful of these questions if you begin to feel ‘put off’ or uncomfortable with a fellow learner:

What am I feeling? Is it related to me? Am I feeling something that is not related to me?

Do I need to remove myself from the energy of the group to give myself a moment to regroup and rebalance?

Do I step back into the group setting or do I excuse myself entirely?

Do I need assistance in evaluating, revealing and moving through what I am experiencing?

Please address these feelings or concerns with the facilitator, teacher, presenter or workshop leader directly during break time, at the completion of class, or in a private correspondence when you return home.

Healing work and sacred studies are just that … sacred and healing. They should be treated as such. Turning to social media and gossip to address inner work, discomfort, or unresolved concerns is never helpful. If there is a concern with a facilitator, teacher, presenter or workshop leader, you are welcome to address your concerns with me privately.

Balance of Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit is the Key to Spiritual Maturity

In the course of our spiritual growth and learning, we may find need of a therapist, counselor, spiritual director, or licensed healer to help us address and work through any blockages or unhealed places in our body, mind, emotions or psyche that may present themselves for healing. Please give yourself the gift of reaching out for assistance when needed, so that your growth and learning is done in a balanced, harmonious and joy filled way.

In joyful gratitude, Denise King Francisco