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Preface to the soon to be released book, "Soul Minding" by Denise King Francisco

“We’re all just walking each other home.

Baba Ram Dass (1931-2019)

American Spiritual Teacher and Author

Soul Minding© is just that. It’s the art of minding souls. I believe that every living thing both seen and unseen has a soul; and an eternal connection to the Divine Heart and Cosmic Mind of Creation. It is my understanding as well that the vast essence of our soul intrinsically connects us to every living thing.

In my decades of teaching and facilitating souls through birth, life, near-death, death, and re-birth, I’ve come to understand that not everyone is to do this work on a large scale. Some are drawn to this pursuit to follow their journey more profoundly or to assist immediate family, friends and clients through the many stages of human life and death.

Certified Soul Minding© Practitioners

Listed below are Soul Minding© practitioners who have been certified through The Temple Within School of Sacred Studies to facilitate Soul Minding© assistance.
-Denise King Francisco, Founder
Temple Within School of Sacred Studies

Victoria Abrams
California USA

Rob Colter 
Michigan USA

Patricia A. Fox
Massachusetts USA
Patricia Hersberger RN
Michigan, USA

Mervyn Kelly
England, United Kingdom

Maggie Marchwinski
Michigan USA

Donna Pascaretta

Michigan USA

Stephen Schmidt

Michigan USA

Peggy Spooner RN

Indiana USA

Kimberly Wink

Michigan USA


Certified Soul Minding© Practitioners

1st Annual Gathering and Virtual Conference

 The School of Sacred Studies 

in Lowell, MI


The 1st Annual Soul Minding Practitioners Gathering and Conference will include guest speakers, and further Soul Minding education.