Webinar Trainings with Denise

You are welcome to purchase training webinars facilitated by School of Sacred Studies Founder, Denise King Francisco.

Once a purchase has been completed, Denise will email links to the training videos and connect with you regarding questions that you may have that pertain to the training segments. 

Denise holds on-going virtual gatherings with all of the Soul Minding practitioners that she has trained.  There is no fee for these virtual gatherings, as they are a place to gather, relax and converse about subject matters pertaining to spiritual midwifery.

Welcome to Soul Minding!

Soul Minding Certification

Midwifing Souls through Human Rites of Passage

with Denise King Francisco

Level 1 Certification

Contains 3 Individual Segments of Training

Purchase all 3 segments for $495.00

Level 1 Segment 1:  

Soul Minding and Spiritual Midwifery, Instruments of the Trade, Pre-birth and Physical Birth, Youth, Empaths and Seers

Level 1 Segment 2:

Ancestral Burdens and Blessings, Rites of Initiation, Death without Dying, Illness, Recover

Level 1 Segment 3:

End of Life and Physical Death, The Afterlife, Making Our Way Back to the Ancestors

Level 2 Certification

Contains 3 Individual Segments of Training

Purchase all 3 Segments for $495.00

Level 2 Segment 1:

Earthbound Spirits, Entanglements, Releasing and Placing Non-human Entities

Level 2 Segment 2:

The Soul, Monad, Soul Retrievals, The Time Continuum

Level 2 Segment 3:

Maneuvering The Planes of Time and Space (this will be held in the autumn of 2021).


Divinely inspired wisdom, over-lite by illuminated ancestors of love and compassion, artfully presented by Denise-King- Francisco, a true master teacher of our time! This cutting-edge practice reawakens a relationship reigniting a meaningful conversation navigating the eternal Soul‘s safe passage through life’s experiences and death. Soul Minding is a Call to Light Workers everywhere!”

-Linda Fase-Grzeszak

Youth Educator – 40+ years

Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner

Coptic Minister

"Walking the Spiritual path is often very challenging.  Learning the process of Soul Minding empowers one to walk the path with greater ease.  Denise Francisco shares her vast knowledge of Soul Minding with compassion, love, and great integrity.  This information is a must for all serious students of Metaphysics and Spirituality."

With Gratitude,


Purchase All 3 Segments of Level 1 Certification Training for $495.00 USD

Purchase all 3 Segments of Level 2 Certification Training for $495.00 USD


"Soul Minding," by Denise King Francisco and artist, David Fix, will be released in the summer of 2021