One on One Sessions with Denise King Francisco

Denise offers one-on-one private mentoring opportunities via Zoom or by phone.

She offers many options for those looking to hone their spiritual gifts and talents and maintain balance upon their sacred path.

A natural-born seer and sensitive, Denise has been facilitating workshops, giving lectures, and taking groups to sacred and religious sites worldwide, to help others touch the Divine within themselves and realize their connection to every living thing.

Her worldwide network of students and clientele come from wonderfully diverse, cultural, religious, spiritual and ancestral backgrounds. 

PLEASE NOTE:  When you schedule a private session with Denise, please come prepared with questions or with a specific area of concern.  Denise does not do 'cold' psychic readings and she does not use divination tools such as tarot.  

Learn more about Denise on the About Us page.

What is the difference between personal mentoring and a standard reading?

A reading involves reaching across the veil to connect with your guides, totems and allies in spirit and oftentimes loved ones who have crossed over for messages and guidance.  It may also involve taking a look at potential outcomes of employment, relationships, etc.

Personal mentoring is offered for those who are looking to hone their spiritual gifts and talents, and maintain balance as they move forward upon their sacred path. 

Once your session(s) has been purchased, please email Denise at: to schedule your mentoring appointment.

Half Hour Session via Zoom or Phone $95.00

One Hour Session via Zoom or Phone $175.00

Two Half-Hour Sessions via Zoom or Phone $175.00