We Have an Exciting Year of Learning Ahead
at The School of Sacred Studies in 2022

From in-person classes at The School of Sacred Studies to webinars, and podcasts, The Temple Within LLC and The School of Sacred Studies brings ancient and modern teachings together in sacred space.   Each of our webinar and workshop facilitators has decades of experience in their area of expertise and are dedicated to teaching with authenticity.


Journeying and Working with

Your Elevated Ancestors

with Denise King Francisco, Nicole Fix, LMSW

and David Sterken PNP, Death Doula 

Saturday, October 29, 2022

10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

The School of Sacred Studies

$149.00 includes refreshments, lunch, teachings and handouts

Who are your ancestors?  What is the difference between your deceased relatives and your illuminated or elevated ancestors?  Do the gifts and talents of your elevated ancestors still live in your blood and bones?  Do the traumas and dramas also exist within our cellular memory?  If so, does this influence your interests, passions, likes and dislikes?  What were your ancestors' spiritual practices?  Are they still available to you today?  If so, how do you begin to learn and practice their ancestral ways?

This and so much more are the topics for learning, sharing and sacred ceremony at this gathering dedicated to ancestral wisdom.

We hope you can join us for a transformational day of learning, healing and moving forward in the fullness of your ancestral gifts and wisdom.

In Person Class Participants:  Please be mindful of not wearing heavy perfumes, colognes, or essential oils to class, as we do have facilitators and fellow students who are allergic to both synthetic and pure essential oils alike.  Thank you for helping us to provide an enjoyable space for everyone!

-Denise King Francisco

The Temple Within LLC School of Sacred Studies Disclaimer

The Temple Within School of Sacred Studies does not reflect a certain religious path, spiritual tradition, or doctrine, but is a vehicle for education to bring about awareness pertaining to global religions, spiritual pathways, personal and human development. As an individual, you are welcome to participate in accordance with your own free will.  The curriculum presented does not obligate students to abandon their natural form of religion, spirituality or personal identity. It is offered for educational purposes only.  We reserve the right to refuse any individual that creates conflict or is out of agreement with the integrity of the School