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The Magical Mystic Angels Empowerment Deck

36 Card Oracle Deck

With the worldwide success of The Mystic Angels Empowerment Deck and the desire for a deeper understanding of the Mystic Angels of Light, author Denise ‘Dana’ King Francisco, and artist, David Fix are taking fans and students of arcane wisdom to a new level of mystical angelic teachings.

Expanded to now included 36 angels, The Magical Mystic Angels oracle deck is an accompaniment to Denise and David’s recent collaboration entitled, “A Book of Enchantments with The Mystics Angels of Light.” Each of these exquisite Angelic renderings has been artistically enhanced and is complete with its angelic sigil, and sacred symbol.

After shuffling and intuitively choosing a card, each Magical Mystic Angel of Light delivers to you a message and esoteric teaching to contemplate as you gaze upon its divinely inspired figure. Also included with each beautiful card is an angelic teaching and alchemical correspondences that may be employed to rest upon your ceremonial altar, in your sacred space for prayers and meditation, or to include in your sacred ceremonies and rituals.

Here is a limited preview of the exquisite and enhanced artistry of David Fix and the Magical Mystic Angels ...

United States:  The Magical Mystic Angels 36 Card Oracle Deck $26.95, includes shipping.

International OrdersThe Magical Mystic Angels Empowerment Deck $21.95 USD + $14.95 Shipping

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A Book of Enchantments with The Mystic Angels of Light 
Hardcover Gift Edition


"A Book of Enchantments with The Mystic Angels of Light," is a compilation of 36 Mystic Angels teachings and artwork from author, Denise King Francisco and artist, David Fix.

Included in this book are daily prayers, incantations, ceremonies, sigils and alchemic correspondences to assist the reader in creating sacred spaces and enchanted, holy encounters with the Divine.

Featuring the dynamic and otherworldly angelic artwork of artist David Fix, this exquisite, 6 x 9, 188 page full color Book of Enchantments, will be available from The Mystic's Heart Publishing on November 11th for $19.95 plus S & H.

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Soul Minding

by Denise King Francisco and artist, David Fix

Now Available for Purchase!!

Here is a glimpse into the world of Soul Minding ...

Chapter 1: Soul Minding© and Spiritual Midwifery

Chapter 2: Instruments of this Sacred Trade

Chapter 3: Our Cosmic Origins

Chapter 4: Pre-Birth and Physical Birth

Chapter 5: Empaths, Seers, and Sensitives

Chapter 6: Ancestral Burdens and Blessings

Chapter 7: Rites of Passage, Initiations, Death Without Dying, Illness, and Recovery

Chapter 8: End of Life Care and Physical Death

Chapter 9: The Afterlife and Making Our Way Back to the Ancestors

Chapter 10: Assisting the Unwell Dead

Chapter 11: Animals and Pets

Chapter 12: The Soul of Nature

Praise for Soul Minding

"Within this book, Denise provides useful ways to integrate our spiritual aspects into our daily earthly lives. By learning how to cultivate a relationship with the spiritual world, we can then incorporate our soul and its essence into our lives with intention. Denise is a woman who owns her gifts with authenticity. In doing so, she allows others permission - and the freedom - to do the same. She teaches us to connect with our true selves, to live grounded in our own truth, and inspires us to then share our gifts with others. To belong to ourselves first, then impart it on the world."

Nicole Fix, LMSW, Eastern Door Counseling LLC

"Soul Minding is divinely inspired wisdom, over-lighted by illuminated ancestors with love and compassion, artfully presented by Denise King Francisco, a true master teacher of our time! This advanced practice reawakens a relationship reigniting a meaningful conversation navigating the eternal soul's safe passage through life's experiences and death. Soul Minding is a Call to Light Workers everywhere!"

Linda Fase-Grzeszak, Youth Educator – 40+ years, Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Coptic Minister

"Walking the Spiritual path is often very challenging. Learning the process of Soul Minding empowers one to walk the path with greater ease. Denise Francisco shares her vast knowledge of Soul Minding with compassion, love, and great integrity. This information is a must for all serious students of Metaphysics and Spirituality."

With Gratitude, Stephen

Soul Minding is now available for purchase for $29.95, which includes shipping and handling.

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