School Founder, Denise King Francisco

The Temple Within School of Sacred Studies is a subsidiary of The Temple Within LLC, founded in 2000 by American mystic and ceremonialist, Denise King Francisco.

Denise lectures and teaches in the U.S. and abroad in a variety of areas, encompassing the practices of spiritual development and balanced living. A sought-after guest lecturer at colleges and universities, Denise shares her wisdom regarding spiritual pathways and the life journey with an open heart and gentle humor. Her literary works are now enjoyed in dozens of countries around the world.

A native of Georgia, Denise now resides in Michigan, along with her husband Todd. Together with their dog, cat, paint horses and the various woodland animals that live with them at their home in the forest, they have affectionately named their many acres, The Enchanted Forest.

Co-owner of The Mystic’s Heart, Denise has released the highly popular Empowerment Deck oracle card series with artist, David Fix. The Magical Mystic Angels Empowerment Deck, The Mystic Angels, Mysteries of Ancient Egypt, Animal Spirit Totems and the Spirit of Mythology Empowerment Decks are now enjoyed in nearly 60 countries worldwide. 

Dedicated to the preservation of Native American culture, languages and spirituality, Denise is the founder and president of Gathering Thunder Foundation.

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The Temple Within LLC School of Sacred Studies Disclaimer

The Temple Within School of Sacred Studies does not reflect a certain religious path, spiritual tradition, or doctrine, but is a vehicle for education to bring about awareness pertaining to global religions, spiritual pathways, personal and human development. As an individual, you are welcome to participate in accordance with your own free will. The curriculum presented does not obligate students to abandon their natural form of religion, spirituality or personal identity. It is offered for educational purposes only. We reserve the right to refuse any individual that creates conflict or is out of agreement with The School of Sacred Studies.