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New from The Mystic's Heart Publishing in 2020

Welcome to the Worlds of Alchemy and Esoteric Wisdom ...

This exquisite, one of a kind chart of alchemical and esoteric symbols is brand new from the creators of The Mystic’s Heart series of books and empowerment decks, now enjoyed in over 50 countries worldwide, Denise King Francisco and David Fix.

Beautifully reproduced on 11 x 17 heavyweight poster stock, this frameable work of art features the extraordinary illustrations of Mystic Heart artist, David Fix. Its background graphics give it an 'old world' feel of antique parchment, while the illustrations themselves are both ancient and modern.

Fit for even the most advanced alchemist, this chart of arcane symbols is a must-have for every practitioner of the angelic, shamanic, natural magic, and healing arts. This is the first chart of its kind to include the symbol for aether as well as esoteric symbols for specific trees! Each symbol was carefully researched and crafted by the artist, David Fix.

The Mystic's Heart Chart of Alchemical and Esoteric Symbols is being released in limited quantities and will be available at The School of Sacred Studies on March 9th and online orders will be shipped out that same week.

In great joy,  Denise and David

The Mystic's Heart Alchemical and Esoteric Chart $17.95 + $4.00 S & H

Official Patreons of The Temple Within LLC receive a discount on each Alchemical and Esoteric Chart  and pay $15.95 + $4.00 S & H

The 13 Illuminated 

Mystic Angels of Enchantments

Alchemy Altar Cards

Why have we chosen 13 of The Mystic Angels to be designated as illuminated angelic beings of Light, when there are an infinite number of mystical, angelic beings of Light throughout the vast expanse of universes to choose from?

Despite what many believe about the number 13 being unlucky, it is in fact considered to be a very auspicious number, especially in angelic circles. In many indigenous cultures, spiritual pathways and ancient esoteric teachings, the number 13 represents perfect balance and cosmic order.

In the esoteric science of numerology, the number 13 is often broken down into a simple equation, 1+3=4, with the number four representing harmony, equilibrium and completion.

The 13 Illuminated Mystic Angels represent beautifully balanced, ancient and divine teachings, personified. After all, we humans love to personify what our wily brain can tell us is undefinable.

Likewise, in our humanness, it is sometimes easier to envision a hierarchy of angels rather than volumes of colorful octaves and frequencies undulating in the oceans of the celestial realms. Therefore, we may consider the 13 Illuminated Mystic Angels to be pillars of equalized, arcane wisdom teachings.

Balance is the keyword here. Universal teachings and practices that bring balance to body, mind, spirit and emotions, when employed daily, bring peaceful harmony and joyful equilibrium to our Earthly journey.

These exquisite, double sided cards are each 5.5" x 8.5" and suitable for framing and/or displaying on your altar, in your sacred space, for ceremonies, meditation, contemplation or a daily dose of inspiration card draw.  

On the front of each card is the beautifully inspired Illuminated Mystic Angels of Enchantment artwork from the multi talented David Fix.  The back of each card contains the illuminated message from the Mystic Angel, its sacred alchemical correspondences and keywords for each angel.

A Book of Enchantments with the Mystic Angels of Light

From the author and artist of the highly acclaimed Mystic Angels Empowerment Deck cards and Mystic Angels artwork now enjoyed by people in nearly 60 countries worldwide ...  

Denise King Francisco and David Fix are delighted to announce the autumn 2019 release of, "A Book of Enchantments with The Mystic Angels of Light."

This brand new, 188-page spiral-bound book of enchantments, which includes several new members of The Mystic Angels, such as Sandalphon and Raguel, promises to be a global favorite as well.

From Natural Magic to High Ceremony, Sacred Ritual, Angelic Sigils and Alchemy, this book is jam-packed with practical information, esoteric tools and alchemical correspondences to bring about a more joyful, harmonic and deeply held relationship with The Mystic Angels of Light.

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