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New from The Mystic's Heart Publishing in 2020

A Book of Enchantments with the Mystic Angels of Light

From the author and artist of the highly acclaimed Mystic Angels Empowerment Deck cards and Mystic Angels artwork now enjoyed by people in nearly 60 countries worldwide ...  

Denise King Francisco and David Fix are delighted to announce the autumn 2019 release of, "A Book of Enchantments with The Mystic Angels of Light."

This brand new, 188-page spiral-bound book of enchantments, which includes several new members of The Mystic Angels, such as Sandalphon and Raguel, promises to be a global favorite as well.

From Natural Magic to High Ceremony, Sacred Ritual, Angelic Sigils and Alchemy, this book is jam-packed with practical information, esoteric tools and alchemical correspondences to bring about a more joyful, harmonic and deeply held relationship with The Mystic Angels of Light.

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